Engineering and consulting

From the expertise and knowledge of the different industries, we help our clients by adding value in the decision-making process and providing solutions based on the most cutting-edge technologies.


Our team successfully combines knowledge and research experience in the most disruptive technological areas, AI and Blockchain, acquired through years of work and constant collaboration with one of the best and most prestigious educational and research institutions in the world, MIT.

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This lets us understand and help our clients to bringing cutting-edge technologies to the industrial environments where they develop their businesses, with the certainty that they will be able to undertake any project of digital transformation, innovation and upgrading of their technological assets and business processes with absolute confidence and tranquility.

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From our wide experience and knowledge of the different industrial environments, we add value to companies by working with our clients to optimize and improve their business, providing solutions that incorporate the most advanced and breakthrough technologies. The digital transformation is a fact and BICTOP is the best possible partner for any company.

We approach the technological and productive challenges of our clients from a 360º perspective, starting from the initial analysis and diagnosis, through the design and planning of the solution, to the developing, execution and implementation of these IT engineering or business solutions, either our own or those of third parties.

360º perspective

BICTOP offers these services on an independent way or as fully integrated turnkey services.





Some of our performance areas

    • Software engineering
    • Data center & Cloud
    • Cyber security
    • Network Design and Operation
    • Devops and Infrastructure
    • Digital TV
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Our professionals have successfully managed and executed projects in multiple industries, telecommunications, media, energy, education, always conducting their work under the protection of our values: Passion, curiosity, teamwork and above all honesty and ethics.

And reinforced by the confidence of having the knowledge, research and development of leading technologies in one of the most advanced technological environments in the world, having our headquarters in Cambridge (MA) next to MIT.

BICTOP can help you

Do you need help finding technological solutions that adapt to the needs of your company?

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